Amazing community,

What an amazing four months it has been and so many updates that changed us as a team and your overall experience here at CentralHQ and on our discord server.


We aren't sitting in one place. We've been so busy trying to expand even more than we currently are. We should soon release our official Twitter, Facebook, Google accounts in a few days or a week. They all will be maintained by Arimyth our Social Manager responsible for all social media accounts.​

Great news for Premium and Enterprise clients who can now access Dark theme of our website which isn't done yet and might have few bugs here and there but soon should be fixed!

We have updated our security on the website. Last few weeks we noticed that we started to receive spam from users directed in "China/Japan" which let our team to be online 24/7 on the website to protect it. Because of this, we have introduced a new security system which completely removed any spam from the website (This information is reliable because we monitored this system for the past week+ and it seemed that it denied a lot of possible spammers.)

To compile with the new GDPR laws we decided to change how unregistered users can view our website and interact with it. Guest (unregistered users) can no longer view user information by those who have registered.

Discord Updates

Discord has been extremely busy for the past month or so with 1200+ users and growing each day. Our custom bot changed how we protect our server and helps our clients (you) see how much you could receive from your investments with a simple command "-invest".​

As time went by we felt that our discord server was just an ordinary discord that was like any other discord server. So we thought that it would be a great decision to introduce our new service (with a help of a person who actually does this).

• We have introduced discord...
Hello everyone,

After talking with some users I have decided to add some additional features to our website and our discord.
This update will include mainly our store.

Limited time offer (until July 15th) You can buy our Premium Rank (lifetime) and receive a free custom username color.

You can buy our Premium Rank for one month and receive all the perks as the lifetime plan but you will not receive a custom username color (Price: 4.99Eu per month (recurring)) You will be able to pay 4.99Eu as long as you want the cheaper version of this Rank even after this Limited time offer ends.

If you buy our OG Rank for only this time you will be able to get 35% more from your investments than a usual 25% boost.

You can find more information over here to find the Premium Rank one time offer scroll to the bottom of the page to see it
Hello Everyone,

It came to my and CentralHQ staff team that our website is lacking some main features and in this post, I will try to explain everything really clearly so you could find information a lot faster and easier.
About us
We are a personal company that gives people loans and people can invest into us. What we do is completely legal and all the investments that we do are secure and fast. We invest into different things that we can to and see that there's a good reason for us to invest into so CentralHQ would receive a good amount of money to pay out those who invested into us.
If you'd like to learn more about this I would suggest looking HERE

Discord is one of the support ways that we are giving support. But with this comes some disadvantages. We cannot give you support 24/7 per day so our team on Discord helps everyone whenever they can so if you want support we would advise you to create a thread on our forums or a private ticket.

If you'd like to invest we suggest looking through our Terms And Conditions together with our Rules and Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy has been updated to the newest EU standards that have been published on May 28th. So, if you want to invest click HERE, don't forget to visit our T&C HERE.

As stated before we do give out loans but with this comes some responsibilities that you can view HERE, If you want to loan please visit our help section HERE. But as from May 29th we have to put loans into a HOLD as we're...
Welcome to CentralHQ

Hey there!
We have recently launched our new forums for Central HQ. The forum is still a work in progress, but more updates will be posted in the updates forum, which you can go to by clicking here.

Help! I can't sign up!
If you're having problems signing up and confirming your account, you should check your junk/spam section in your mail. Your verification should be there. If not, try resending the verification email! If that doesn't work, head over to our discord by clicking here.

CentralHQ Management.