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  1. Liam | Sellinq
  2. Vezeran
    Wonderful weather we are having :3
  3. Agrolax
  4. David | Enderisss
    David | Enderisss
    Aurora Realms ;) ... Everything that you need!
  5. Liam | Sellinq
    Liam | Sellinq
    Hey I'm the proud Network-Manager of Aurora-Realms and here to help!
  6. Kobi
    Just posted a staff application! Hope i get accepted :L
  7. Bluuiish
    Im cool, youre cool...LETS BE COOL TOGETHER
  8. Ernestas
  9. LuckyJonas
    LuckyJonas Ernestas
    1. How old are you :13

    2.Do you have discord account : Yes LuckyJonas#2043

    3.Provide a link to your portfolio or submit your build pictures here :

    4.Are you willing to learn from your mistakes :Yes

    5.Are you dedicated and enjoy group work : Yes

    6.How much time are you willing to spend building? : 3-4 h
  10. Swifty_
    Swifty_ Thexic
    The BEST staff member! (After me for obvious reasons ;)
    1. Thexic
      Understandable. Have a great day.
      Jan 7, 2018
  11. Thexic
    Thexic Swifty_
    The BEST staff member! ( After me for obvious reasons. )
  12. David | Enderisss
    David | Enderisss
    Hello everyone . We are still really hard at work for factions release and we hope you like it !
  13. MiaHigh23
    MiaHigh23 Thexic
    Thexic thanks for all your help
  14. MiaHigh23
    MiaHigh23 Thexic
    Thexic is the BEST staff member.
    1. Thexic
      Jan 5, 2018
  15. Thexic
    Thexic MiaHigh23
    He gained my trust when he changed to a cow skin. + respect.