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    Aurora FAQ’s

    Here are a few FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) about the server

    Q- How many TNT hits does it take to blow up obsidian?
    A- 6

    Q-Why there a no spawners in / shop?
    A-Because spawners have a custom GUI and you can see it with /spawnershop

    Q-What are faction guards and how do I get them?
    A-Faction guards are mobs that protects your factions while your away. The only way of getting faction guard is to buy a rank or have a friend who can summon them!

    Q-Pets? What do they do?
    A-At this moment pets don't attack other factions because it would be too op. By upgrading your pet you will receive potion effects (like strenght , speed, etc...)There are two ways of getting a pet. One is by donating or win them in crates!

    Q-Genbuckets... I don't understand how to use them!
    A-If you do /gen you will receive a gen bucket (with no generation) in order to get gen bucket that works and you could place (cobblestone, obsidian, sand, netherrack) you have to punch your bucket in the air and you will get a GUI with all different gen buckets. And YES there are Vertical and Horizontal gen buckets!

    Q-How to upgrade you enderchest from only one line !!!!
    A-Its really simple! You can do /cstore and you will get a GUI with different permissions that you can buy. If you want to upgrade your enderchest to two lines you will have to buy "Enderchest Upgrade - 18 SLOTS" and so on. There are other commands to that you can buy and have until server reset! Or just go to merchant Ender and click him!

    Q-I saw that mcmmo is a useful thing on this server but what can I do with it because I've never played a lot with it.
    A-Xswifty explain

    Q-Duels ?!? What are they? Will I lose my stuff if ill gone in there? Will I lose m faction power? or money?
    A-Duels is a simple pvp game with your friend or with an enemy . You won't lose anything if you decide you pvp in /duel. No, you won't lose your factions power and money! You can spectate your friends fight with / spectate!

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