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    1.Hacking on the server can get you banned Durations :
    X-Ray 1st time - 5 days
    X-Ray 2nd time - 15 days
    X-Ray 3rd time - Perm Ban
    Derp/Twerk/No head - 1 day ban
    Kill-Aura 1st time - 7 days
    Kill-Aura 2nd time - 30 days
    Kill-Aura 3rd time - Perm ban
    Auto-Clicker 1st time - 5 days
    Auto-Clicker 2nd time - 15 days
    Auto-Clicker 3rd time - Perm ban
    Auto-fisher Any flight/glide/"creative flight" 1st time - 15 days
    Any flight/glide/"creative flight" 2st time - Perm ban
    Any "fast" fastbreak/fasteat/fastplace/etc. 1st time - 5 days
    Any "fast" fastbreak/fasteat/fastplace/etc. 2nd time - 30 days
    Any "fast" fastbreak/fasteat/fastplace/etc. 3rd time - Perm ban
    Mob Esp/Chest Esp 1st time - 7 days
    Mob Esp/Chest Esp 2nd time - 30 days
    Mob Esp/Chest Esp 3rd time - Perm ban
    Any Malicious hacks 1st time - 15 days
    Any Malicious hacks 2nd time - Perm ban

    2.Being rude to staff or members of the LC network can get you banned too or you can receive mute.

    Threaten to DDOS someone - 4 day mute
    Threaten to do something to them in real life - 4 day mute
    Just being really rude ... (saying bad words) - 4 day mute
    3.Trying to kill staff or tp trap while doing a job e.g. help you or someone who needs it can result in 3-7 day ban
    4.Advertising other servers 1st time - 15 day mute
    Advertising other servers 2nd time - 30 day ban
    Advertising other servers 3rd time - Perm ban
    5.Don't ask staff or owner to give you free stuff like gmc or pvs. If you won't stop asking, staff member has 100% to perm mute you.

    1.Staff cannot ban/mute/kick/warn any players if they don't have evidence of you doing something. They must take video/screenshots of you doing something that is against the server rules. If a player asks to see what they were doing a staff member that banned/muted/kicked/warned must provide a short clip or SS to the person if they cannot ... The member will be unbanned in 48hours.
    2.Using illegal perms for a group [Helper] /fly all the time can get you banned for 1 day because /fly is only used to catch hackers.
    3.Using staff perms in your needs (let's say raiding a factions base) can get you demoted.
    4.Every staff member has to provide video or SS of banned player to the Owner if he asks so.
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