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    News that you don't want to miss!

    Hello, Aurora Realms players and guests,

    - So, I have decided that from now on every month the top voter will receive a 20EU buycraft store credit on store.aurora-realms.net !!! With that in mind, we hope to gain more players as well update the server with some bug fixes, and errors that we've been having these past few days.

    - Bug fixes by System Admin xSwifty
    Nerfed, buffed, added, etc the following- Tokens shop - Prices have been changed slightly & TNT busters added costing 65 tokens each. McMMo Axes, Swords, Unarmed, Taming, Archery (All nerfed & buffed) Envoy crates - A LOT more items have been added + a new basic tier with load more stuff, basic tier changed from $1000 to $250 25 crates spawn with a bigger radius. Disco armor is now faster. Hit delay is now 1.7 and been reduced from 12 to 10 (Cap) Some new enchantments have been added to the Mythic crate e.g. Frostbite 1, 2, etc. Shop glitch fixed where you could buy illegal items. Some enchantments via enchanting tables have been removed e.g. fireworks, glide, etc.

    - Upcoming plans for the server
    We are thinking about new ideas like SkyBlock, minigames on faction server and some more. If you have any ideas that you would like us to add to the server please join our discord group https://aurora-realms.net/discord or message one of the staff team here.

    Best regards,

    David, Aurora Realms Owner.
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